by Aiyanah Rose

A Haiku Reflection on Andoumboulou and Vorfreude

Rebirth From the Ashes of 2020

Cleansing Ritual by Aiyanah Rose

Shed the crippling chains of fear
Shed the anguish of salty tears
Shed the shadows of doubt lurking near

Shed the demons’ spewing rage
Shed the daggers’ stabbing pain
Shed the venom pulsing through veins

Shed the judgment of harrowed hypocrisy
Shed the impervious mediocrity
Shed the thief that robs curiosity

Shed the indifference of complacency
Shed the indolence of tired latency
Shed the guilt and grant your soul clemency

A new day is dawning
A new sunlit morning
A new chance awaits in the mysteries calling

Speak hope to the weary left battered and scathed
Speak healing words of comfort…

Audible Sundays

Drifting weightless through hollow silhouettes

Searching for you in the void

Lost in distant woods too far to roam

Yet too close to leave their refuge

Too restless for the solace of sleep

Too buoyant to abandon fate

I surrender to the call

Like a feather on a breeze

Floating to the space between

Where souls dance in the song of the night

Music Notes: Never Enough was initially released by artist Two Lanes in the electronic genre. I fell in love with the simplicity of this classical piano version, which beautifully captures the astral serenity of the dance…

A Journey Through the Final Resting Place

Along a country road tucked away in a deserted corner of woods, the serenity of the final resting place drew me to its gates. Calling me in like a lonely child dancing between gravestones and vibrant backdrops of prevailing trees, the aura wrapped around my soul, begging for company for a short while.

Aiyanah Rose

Eternal flowering spirit planting blooms along the way ~

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